Organization: How to Organize Small Closet -Tips and Tricks.

After a long time , I finally managed to post this tiny closet organization (which was sleeping in draft for long time..huh). Home Organization- my second love and high passion (first love/passion!! you guessed it, right?). Today I am sharing some tips and tricks to organize a small space. Above you can see a before and after picture of my closet/armoire/almirah.
Let’s be honest with you here. Yes, I staged this before picture mess to make it clear how mess looks like ;), because I have adopted organization process almost three years back.
Now let me share a little story with you. After being pregnant, I just wanted to extract sleep whenever I can .I saw my hubby frequently searching around here and there for something and for so many things!! From a door key to clothes ,shoes and documents etc. I have realized how much my family members are dependent upon me. From then I started reading and researching about how to organize your home. As a result I have managed quite a clean and tidy home since then,of course it remains managed for longer duration. Now if you have a toddler you know how things run in your home 😛

Tip:1  I have created a “zone” for everything in our home. You name it from the word starts with A to ends with Z. Here I want to repeat an old quote, organization comes with a cost. Yes, to some extent it is true.

Tip:2  Because to organize your home you need some tools just like to make delicious food you need proper ingredients (see how my first love is peeking through 😀 ). Here tool means bins, baskets and other stuff according organizing needs. But it is an one time investment. For me everything worth of it.

Let’s start the organization:

Here I am sharing few pictures of my closet (as you can see which is a sharing one too) and I will explain how this system helps to stay organize everyday in spite of the space crunch.

From this pic you can see the before mess. Top shelf seems not that disorganized as compare to other two bottom shelves. But if you try to have a closer look(right side of the pic) you can see the middle part of the stacked dresses toppled over the back side because I did not sort out things. In this cupboard I put all my regular dresses, western dresses, leggings, dupattas and night wears (I have separated sarees in a different cupboard as i do not wear saree on regular basis).

Although shelves are quite spacious but not functioning well according to my needs. So I came up with a plan to make it functional and stay organized (which is “the” most important part).

Tip:3  Take out everything and clean the cupboard first. I know it will be over-whelming but you need to evaluate the space. So this step is necessary.

Tip:4  Now  wipe down the cupboard and start evaluating according to your daily needs. What you access most and what is less needed on daily basis.

Tip:5  Sort your cloths and purge which you are not wearing since long time(may be it’s a charity time). Time to time PURGING  is very important to stay organized with any space. You can make a half-way-home to keep your seldom used stuff and you can evaluate them later on.dsc07732-2Tip:6  Evaluate space: First decide what you want to put where. Do not over crowed the space. If you have a limited amount of space then work accordingly. Place your bins/baskets to see how they can work best in that place.

dsc07734-2 From this “after” picture I will explain how I have designated each space for my clothes.

I will start with the bottom shelf. In this shelf I have used two large plastic bins(brought it from plastic shop 3 years back, cost was 300/- rs  each).

Tip:7  I always prefer to use clear bins/baskets inside the cupboards. As they will give you a quick view and you can see what’s in there. From the right side of the pic you can see how this bin can act as drawer, you can pull them out and see what’s in the back without removing everything what’s in the front.

Tip:8  Middle shelf, where I keep my palazzo, skirts and my western clothes in those white baskets. Here I have separated my nice kurtis from daily wear ones. It will be easy for me when I need to choose, all is visible and ready for grab-wear-go 🙂

Middle shelf sneak peek


Tip:9  Disorganized drawer on left side of the pic. I purchased this drawer organizer long time back from an online website. Since then it has aid me to stay organized with my small stuffs. Here you can store socks, handkerchief, belts, inner wears etc.

Sneak peek of the organised drawer
Top shelf

Tip:10  Top shelf, on the right hand side I keep my daughter’s dressy dresses. If you have a closer look, you can see the right part of the entire closet have a pillar structure which has created more space crunch (3rd or 4th pic from the top will give you a clear view). So according to the very small space I kept my daughter’s occasional dresses which fit perfectly with tiny hangers.

Tip:11  For our Indian clothes where we have kamiz-salwar/churidar/leggings-dupatta set, I will suggest you to keep one set intact. It makes so much sense when you are about to choose the dress for the day rather searching its matching  dupatta/salwar in different places.

Tip:12   If you like artificial jewelry and have long chain/necklaces, I will definitely recommend to invest in some organizer like this. I have purchased it from a local store for rupees 75/- only.

Hope this post will be helpful for your own organization projects and motivate you to be organized and stay organized.

I would love to hear from you. Please leave your comments down below and also do not hesitate to share your organization tips/tricks.  please be sure to share it with friends and family. Thank you. Please give credit for this blog if you are using images elsewhere.Thanks for understanding.

Enjoy your day with lots of smile.🙂


Disclaimer: The opinions or information contained within the personal home pages are the creation of the individual and do not necessarily reflect the true nature of the product. I am not sponsored by any company.


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