Meal Plan: Weekly Menu Plan #1

  Hi Bees!! Let’s talk about meal plan today 🙂 . Sounds Familiar? Do you really know what it does?  It saves time, your health, money and from eating repetitive recipe every day or week. Moreover saves everyday’s mental dilemma-“what to cook today” and many more. Hmmm…quite a relief if all answers are known. Isn’t… Continue reading Meal Plan: Weekly Menu Plan #1

Organization: Home Office before/after (small space)

Good morning bees!! In today’s blog I want to share as well as motivate you to finish that “most awaited” project in your home. Some of us are renters while other owners. It’s comparatively difficult to play around in a rented home to make it more functional and decorate the way you want. But an easy workaround… Continue reading Organization: Home Office before/after (small space)